Exploring perinatal factors on vertical microbiota transmission : modulation of early life gut microbiota to prevent long-term effects


The project target C-section delivered newborns. It will analyse the role of microbiota inthe higher risk of this population to Allergy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), mainly Crohn Disease (CD), using murine models and define new preventive strategies based on microbiota modulation by nutritional approaches (mainly probiotics).

During this project, we will both (i) define the role of microbiota in the long-term effects observed on the C-section delivered babies and (ii) design and test new potential preventive strategies for decreasing the risk of developing allergy and IBD over the longer term in this population. In the process, we will optimize the use of beneficial bacteria to prevent human pathologies. We expect to find the best approach for restoring the disturbed early-life.

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