BINC sponsors the 12th Probiotics, Prebiotics, and New Food Congress in Roma

BINC sponsors the 12th Probiotics, Prebiotics, and New Food Congress in Roma

We aret hrilled to announce our participation as exhibitors and sponsors at the 12th Probiotics, Prebiotics, and New Food Congress on Nutraceuticals, Botanicals & Phytochemicals for Nutrition & Human, Animal and Microbiota Health, held in the picturesque city of Rome from September 16th to 19th, 2023.

The congress has been held every two years for around 20 years and discusses the significant benefits of the microbiota in health. A large audience of biologists, chemists, dietitians, pharmacists, surgeons,nurses and veterinarians as well as scientists got together to share and discuss the latest advances in the research and technology fields of pro, preand postbiotics and new foods bioactives.

During this prestigious event, BINC had the privilege of showcasing BINC cutting-edge support for research and innovations in the field of infant and maternal nutrition and care. BINC also had the great opportunity to proudly present the new website, Research Partnership Programme, as well as the next call for funding starting in January 2024. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow experts, professionals, and enthusiasts who share our passion for advancing the science of well-being.

Among the conference highlights, we were honored to have BINC Chairman, Patrice Malard, deliver an enlightening presentation titled "Communication between enteric and central nervous system through microbiota." Patrice's expertise illuminated the fascinating link between our gut and brain, demonstrating the critical role our microbiota plays in overall health and well-being.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers, fellow exhibitors, and all who attended the conference. Your enthusiasm and support inspire us to continue our mission of advancing maternal and health nutrition and care for a better tomorrow.